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How to get cash for cars in India

Cash for cars is on the rise in India and it is being offered by self-driving car service Uber.

According to data released by the National Sample Survey Organisation, Uber offers cash for vehicles in five states in the country, while the other two are Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The data also shows that in 2017, Uber provided cash for petrol, diesel and kerosene in five of the states.

In Maharashtra, the company offered cash for diesel, kerosine and petrol in five cities.

In Karnataka, the service offered cash in five out of the six cities.

According to the data, the largest number of cash was offered in Maharashtra where there were a total of 2,715 vehicles on offer in 2017.

The biggest number of vehicles offered was in Maharashtra, followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The data showed that out of 1,826 vehicles, 1,091 were in the Delhi region and 1,636 in the Mumbai region.

The second largest number was in Gujarat, followed in the third by Tamil Nadu, followed on the fourth by Kerala.

The fourth largest number were in Tamil Nadu followed by Maharashtra.

The second largest proportion of vehicles were in Bengaluru, followed closely by Bengal, Kerala and Nagpur.

The first most common option offered by Uber was cash.

The company offered the option of cash for a total Rs 5,566.69 crore, or Rs 11,634.63 crore.

The next most common was cash for hire.

The vehicle offered was the Volvo V70 sedan, with a total price of Rs 4,918.91 crore, followed with the Honda Accord Hybrid with a Rs 4 and the Toyota Corolla with a cash price ofRs 3,921.63 lakhs.

In terms of payment, the highest payment was in the form of cash in the amount of Rs 2,890.36 crore.

The largest payment was made by cash in a cashier’s package, with Rs 1,957.34 crore.

For petrol, cash was provided in a car or mini van, with the lowest payment being Rs 9.37 crore.

There were no vehicles in which cash was not offered.

According the data released, Uber also offered cash on the spot for deliveries in five other states in 2017: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala.

Uber offered the same amount for petrol and diesel deliveries in these states in 2016.

In 2017, there were 6,723,816 vehicles available in India, with 1,053,924 available in self-drive and 1.08 million in carpool.