Arshia Khodro Trading Model How to get your car inspected, car rental company says

How to get your car inspected, car rental company says

The number of people needing car rental services in San Antonio has more than doubled in the past year to more than 40,000 people, according to data provided by car rental firm Carpool.

The increase was largely driven by a surge in the number of drivers who use the services, Carpool spokesperson Jennifer Kieffer said.

Carpool has added more than 2,000 new drivers in the first four months of 2018, compared with more than 4,000 a year earlier, she said.

In the past month, car rentals have become more popular, and the company says its rental rates have increased from $300 to $350.

That includes $40 for a weeklong rental for a Honda Accord and $60 for a five-day rental for an Acura Integra.

Kieffer noted that the rise in demand for car rentals has driven up the number and type of car rentals available in the city.

The average car rental costs about $300, compared to about $100 for a standard car, she noted.

Car rental services typically take a week to two weeks to get a car inspected.

Kierffer said that if a person needs to make a car rental appointment or make a repair, they typically need to call Carpool at 832-828-8010, email [email protected] or visit their website.

If someone has a health problem or is in the hospital, they can call the company at 831-826-3322.

If someone needs a medical checkup, they need to go to the doctor’s office and then they can go to their car rental center.