Arshia Khodro Trading Price How the Ford Focus RS became one of the most successful sports cars ever made

How the Ford Focus RS became one of the most successful sports cars ever made

Ford Focus is now the most popular car on the planet.

Its popularity has led to the introduction of new models.

And as for how it came to be?

The Focus RS.

This electric hatchback was launched in 2012, with the aim of helping make the American carmaker more appealing to young people and boosting sales.

It was the first electric car to reach the US market.

It has a range of up to 310 miles and can go from zero to 60mph in about 4.5 seconds.

Ford says it was built with a range-extender, which allowed for a much longer range and reduced the weight of the car.

The Focus has become one of America’s most iconic and successful cars.

And its reputation is only set to continue.

The car is the most famous of the electric hatchbacks, with millions of people all over the world following the adventures of a young driver.

And Ford’s new Focus RS, which debuted last week at the New York Auto Show, is only the latest to be unveiled at the show.

It is based on the iconic Ford Focus, a concept that first debuted in 1965.

The original car was based on a 1963 Mustang, and was built on a two-door coupe body.

This car, like many of Ford’s cars, has a very long, low, high-slung roofline.

It also has the characteristic oval grille, which looks like a circular grill that is tilted up toward the front.

The front grille is a bit smaller than the one on the outgoing model, and the grille was replaced with a large, curved grill.

The grille itself is curved in all directions.

But what makes this design unique is the way the car’s hood is shaped, rather than the fact that the roof line is curved.

The hood is rounded on the front, and then curved toward the rear.

This shape is the result of a design decision that Ford made to increase the vehicle’s fuel economy.

The design was chosen in part because of the unique way the roof rises over the rear bumper.

The hatchback has a roof that’s higher than the car and is curved at an angle to the front bumper, making the hood more of a window to the rear of the vehicle.

The roof is also a lot taller than the roof of the Focus, making it easier to lift than most other vehicles.

The new Focus also has a more aggressive grille and grille lines that give it a more “luxury” appearance.

The interior of the new Focus features a large driver’s side window with a glass top.

The glass is made from a carbon fiber composite material that is lighter and more breathable than conventional glass, which is the same material used on a car’s windshield and door handles.

The driver’s seat has a glass base that’s raised up from the dashboard, making for an excellent way to recline a car.

There are also three fold-up armrests and a folding steering wheel.

Ford’s design also includes an adaptive cruise control system, which adjusts the vehicle speed based on driving conditions.

The Ford Focus has also had a few modifications since its first appearance, including a redesigned engine bay, redesigned seats, and a redesigned front fascia.

It’s the first Ford vehicle to have all four of these upgrades, and it has been called the “most powerful car in the world.”

While it’s not the most powerful car on Earth, it is by far the most advanced car in Ford’s lineup.

Ford is currently selling more Focus than any other automaker in the US, and its new model is expected to sell up to 15,000 units by the end of 2019.