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How to convert a convertible car seat to an electric car seat

Cars in India are a hot topic in India, especially when it comes to the eco-friendly conversion of a convertible to an EV.

However, the conversion of convertible cars to electric ones can be tricky due to several factors, including the fact that it requires extensive modifications to the vehicle and its wiring.

However there is a method of converting an electric convertible to a conventional one, which you can try to do yourself.

It’s called converting a convertible into an EV and it involves the use of a small number of tools and parts.

Here is how to convert your car to an all electric car.


Remove the battery compartment The battery compartment is located on the back of the car.

Remove it by removing the battery cover.


Remove all the wires and cables The wires are located on top of the battery pack, but they need to be removed separately to remove the battery, and all the cables need to also be removed to install the solar panels and other electronic equipment.


Remove battery coverThe battery cover is one of the easiest to remove as it will come with the car in a tight spot.

Remove this covering with your bare hands by pushing on the protective covering.


Remove wiring and connectorsThere are wires and connectors on the top of all the cars.

If you want to remove this covering, you will need to use a tool called an electrician’s pliers.

It can be difficult to find a small screwdriver to remove these wires, so you can always purchase one online.


Remove solar panelsAll the solar cells are located in the back seat.

Remove these wires from the solar panel, which will allow you to install them into the car with ease.


Install solar panelsThe solar panels are located at the front and back of each car, but there are two wires in each car.

They can be removed by pushing them into place.


Install battery coverWhen you remove the cover from the car, the car is now an electric vehicle.

If your car is a convertible, then you can install an electric motor as well.

You will also need to install a battery charger.

To install a solar panel into the dashboard, you first need to remove all the other wires.

Then, connect the solar battery into the electrical outlet at the back.


Install the solar charging unitInstall the solar charger into the dash, connecting the battery charger to the solar power.


Install your solar panelThe solar panel will be located on one of your rear seats.

Now you can place it in the car and charge it.

The solar power will help you to charge your phone and other devices.

You can even use the battery for charging your phone when you are not at home.


Power the carBattery charging requires a lot of electricity.

If this happens during a commute, you can also plug it into your car’s charger to charge it while you are on the move.