Arshia Khodro Trading Price Which cars were used in the ’90s? | The Car Connection

Which cars were used in the ’90s? | The Car Connection

“If you want to be a cool kid, don’t drive a Chevy.”

— Chevy salesman “We’re going to have to put some cars on the show.”

— Jay Leno, ‘Tonight Show’ show host.

“There’s going to be more cars than you can shake a stick at.”

— Steve Martin, ‘Saturday Night Live,’ creator.

“It’s just a matter of time.”

— Ford CEO, Jeff Immelt.

“I’m not even in this car!”

— Jeff Bezos, CEO of

“The idea of a car is a fantasy.”

— Jim Henson, creator of Muppets Most Wanted.

“Let me just tell you about this thing we’re doing: You know, a car has no personality.”

— Michael Jackson, ‘The Jackson Five.’

“There is nothing to say about it except it is a good car.”

— George Michael, ‘Let It Be.’

“If I’m going to buy a new car, I’ll just drive a good one.”

— David Letterman, ‘Late Show With David Lettermen.’

“A car is not a human being.”

— Tom Cruise, ‘Scream’ actor.

“You’re just a piece of shit.”

— Bill Gates, ‘Microsoft founder and CEO.’

“People get too comfortable.”

— Kanye West, ‘Yeezus.’

“It was the greatest car I ever owned.”

— Mercedes-Benz, ‘Chrysler 300SL’ supercar.

“If it’s not a Mercedes, it’s a Porsche.”

— Jeff Buhner, president and CEO of Ford Motor Co. “A lot of people think they are too cool for school.”

— James Dean, ‘Dean Martin’ actor, ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

“You can’t be a car guy.

You can’t even drive a car.”

– Jim Hensley, Chevy salesman.

“No matter how good the car, it will never be as good as a Ford.”

– Bill Gates “If a car’s got a bad problem, it should be replaced.”

– John McEnroe, ‘McEnroe’ golfer.

“We are the last ones left on Earth.”

— Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle.

“Car dealers will pay more if you’re a car dealer.”

— Warren Buffett, billionaire investor.

“That’s a car that has never been built.”

— Jack Nicholson, ‘Jack Nicholson’ actor and comedian.

“Do you really want to have a car?”

— Al Pacino, actor, actor of ‘The Graduate.’

“No one will ever replace me.”

— Chris Rock, comedian and actor.