Arshia Khodro Trading Brand What do drivers think of the F1 season? – BBC Sport

What do drivers think of the F1 season? – BBC Sport

The race has been a tough one.

The pace of the cars and tyre compounds has been an issue.

And the drivers’ car has been in such disarray that it is now the subject of a court case.

The latest twist is the FIA has issued a statement, saying it is “not surprised” that there have been so many technical issues in the race, but that it will not “resolve” the issue.

The FIA says the race’s organisers will “do everything we can to ensure that the safety of all drivers and teams is maintained”.

However, it is not clear what action it will take. 

In the meantime, the FIA says it will make sure the car’s air intakes and cooling systems are up to snuff. 

“The FIA and the drivers are fully committed to a safe, fast and exciting Formula One,” said F1 chief operating officer Carlos Ghosn.

“The FIA has received a number of complaints from drivers, and will continue to work with them to find solutions to the issues.”

The teams will have to respond to the FIA’s announcement by Monday. 

The FIA statement said the FIA will not take any action until the technical and safety issues have been addressed. 

But F1’s governing body is not alone in its frustration.

Drivers, who are already facing criticism over the handling of the race in recent years, are also feeling the strain. 

On Monday, the German Grand Prix organisers released a statement saying the FIA was not happy about the race being a mess. 

I think it’s a pity because the whole season is going on, so you don’t get a lot of sleep and the race is not going well, they said. 

At the start of the season, Formula One had the best track record in history, but since then the cars have changed so much that the car cannot cope with the high speed and the pace of racing. 

 On Sunday, F1 driver Nico Rosberg said it was the first time he felt like he had been hit by a car, and that it had left him shaken. 

He said: “I don’t know if you can describe it.

I couldn´t feel my legs, and I felt like my hands were on the wheel. “

The car felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t put my hand on the steering wheel.

The Formula One World Championship, which includes the US Grand Prix, is now running on its own grid. “

The way I am feeling now is not the same as the feeling I had before.” 

The Formula One World Championship, which includes the US Grand Prix, is now running on its own grid. 

F1 is not immune to criticism, with many teams being forced to look for new drivers. 

This weekend, the UK’s Sutton Images Racing team was forced to pull out of the Formula One British Grand Prix because of the weather, with the team saying they had to leave the circuit in order to get the cars ready. 

After Sunday’s accident, the US team’s drivers also found themselves facing the same problems, with former champion Lewis Hamilton leaving the race. 

Hamilton has been criticised for his poor driving, and was also accused of being arrogant. 

When the crash occurred, Hamilton, who has been the most successful driver of the past five years, was just two points behind Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, who won the British GP in June. 

‘F*** you’ When he won the GP in 2016, Hamilton said: “F***ing hell. 

It’s not even funny.” 

Hamilton’s team also ran into problems in qualifying this season, with two cars crashing and damaging each other. 

Speaking about the incident, he said: ‘I’m really disappointed with the way it happened. 

My team did a good job, but the safety is what matters, it doesn’t matter how much you race.

‘I had to wait until we were at the end of the pit lane to get a full lap because it was really dark. 

`I can’t really explain it but I had to go to the pits and then we had to come back. 

 Hamilton was a key figure in the 2017 season’s title fight. “

‘The team did everything to try to do the right thing, but I just want to keep working.’ 

 Hamilton was a key figure in the 2017 season’s title fight.

He took home the title for the first and only time in his career, after a first-lap crash on lap seven with the Williams car. 

While he won that race, Hamilton lost out on the championship to Sebastian Vettel, who was later disqualified from the German GP. 

However, Hamilton has been very popular with the fans since the accident. 

(Image: REUTERS)In April 2018, he celebrated his 100th grand prix victory, winning the British Grand Formula in an incident that saw him drive into the barriers of Turn 10, just outside the track. 

Following that incident, Hamilton