Arshia Khodro Trading Price When Apple’s ‘CareKit’ takes over the car industry

When Apple’s ‘CareKit’ takes over the car industry

Apple is going to take care of you with its “CareKit” software for cars and trucks.

Apple is planning to release a set of “cars-only” apps in the coming weeks, according to Recode, as part of a broader effort to make its own car-centric apps available on its platform.

In order to do this, Apple is planning on building out a fleet of “car-focused” apps for its iOS devices, according the site.

These apps will “allow you to connect to, manage, and interact with your car in real-time using an iPhone or iPad.”

Apple has been steadily building up its own driverless car efforts, including a fleet called “Aerosail,” which has reportedly seen a number of high-profile accidents involving the vehicles.

The service is scheduled to be rolled out to select Tesla vehicles in the first half of 2019.