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Car battery charger is not a security threat

A car battery charger that has been used by Israeli authorities for more than a year has been found not to be a security risk, according to a report released by the Israeli Defense Ministry on Wednesday.

The Israeli military has confiscated the car battery charging unit since March 2017, when it was allegedly used to smuggle a rocket launcher through the country’s borders.

The unit is a simple battery that is inserted into a car and charges it.

The IDF has seized dozens of such devices over the past two years.

A week before the Israeli army seized the vehicle, the unit was still functioning.

The report says it was used for two days, on May 31 and June 1.

The IDF’s director of intelligence and security told the defense ministry that the unit’s owners were arrested on June 4, and the unit, which was built in Germany, was seized.

“The vehicle was being transported between a military base in Jerusalem and the coastal town of Eilat, which is located on the Israeli side of the Jordan River, and there was a large group of people who were in the vehicle,” the report said.

It said that the vehicle had been equipped with two mobile radios, an electronic video camera, and a cell phone charger.

“There was no threat to the citizens of Eir, and it was not possible to determine the exact number of the occupants,” the statement added.