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The best cars of 2016 – Google News

The best car of 2016 was the Tesla Model S, with more than 70,000 new orders placed last year.

But a car like the Nissan Leaf, a more affordable alternative to the Model S and Model X, has also emerged as a winner.

The Nissan Leaf has seen strong sales in Europe and in the United States, but has also attracted a huge following in Australia, where the model sells for just $27,500.

But in the UK, where Nissan has its own brand, the Leaf is sold by Tesco.

The Leaf is currently sold in Australia and in Europe but Nissan says the car will also be sold in the US and China.

The new Leaf is the car of the future for Nissan, which is also selling the LEAF sedan in the States, and has plans to introduce a version in 2018.

The car, which looks a lot like the Model X and costs just under $30,000, is powered by a 1.4-litre, 1.0-litres petrol engine that delivers more than 300kW and a maximum torque of 675Nm.

It is designed to compete with the Tesla, Chevrolet and Mercedes-Benz sedans.

The Leaf has a range of around 310km, and is priced between $28,800 and $36,600.

It also has an optional $8,000 “tougher” version, the LEAV-C, that has a 1,400-kilometre range and is rated at 1,800kW.

The LEAV is being touted as the “future of EV” by Tesla and Nissan, but its success could be short-lived.

In its most recent quarterly earnings, Nissan said the Leaf was not yet available for sale in Australia due to the “international rollout of the LEV”.

“We expect to be able to deliver our next generation LEAV car to Australia at the end of 2019,” it said.

The company has not said when it will be able make its first Leaf.

“We will be offering the next generation of our LEAV cars to Australian consumers as soon as the availability of the car is assured,” it added.

Nissan also said the new Leaf will be offered with the same “world-class” interior and features as the Model 3.

It said the car would be sold with the “same powertrain, same features and same power performance” as the existing Leaf.

“The LEAF is the ultimate EV with all the features you could ask for, all at an affordable price,” Nissan said.

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