Arshia Khodro Trading Model Why you should stop paying for urgent care in California

Why you should stop paying for urgent care in California

The California Department of Insurance (CalEx) recently told Reuters that it would no longer cover urgent care services at a variety of private companies, including a company called Drift Cars.

In a letter to Reuters, CalEx said that Drift Cars has failed to meet the standards of “urgent care” and will no longer be covered under its insurance policies.

CalEx’s response comes after a federal judge in California ordered the insurance companies to pay $20 million to two women who were falsely diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2015.

“It’s a sad day for everyone,” CalEx Chief Operating Officer Richard Roesler told Reuters in a statement.

“Dads have a right to know their care is being provided in a safe and professional manner.

We will continue to take swift and decisive action when we see an ongoing pattern of wrongdoing.”

Dogs have been allowed to stay in car seats for years, but the state’s health department has recently said that it’s not necessary for dogs to be in the car seats.

California also has a ban on dog walking, a practice that many believe is contributing to an increase in dogs being strangled in car accidents.