Arshia Khodro Trading Price ‘A sad day’: Police officers in New Delhi’s Rajouri Garden car seat kill baby, injure others

‘A sad day’: Police officers in New Delhi’s Rajouri Garden car seat kill baby, injure others

The parents of a baby who died in a car seat after being placed in it at Rajouri Gardens in New York City said their baby had died as a result of the incident.

The parents of the infant who died as part of a car-seat accident at Rajriewals in New Yorks, New York said their infant, a 1-year-old girl named Sangeeta, had died of an accidental head injury caused by the accident.

“Sangeeta died a sad day,” Sangeeta’s father, Komal Bhatia, told CNN.

The infant died from “unnatural causes” after being put in a back seat at the home of her mother and aunt on Sunday, the mother, Sangeeda, said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“She was in the back seat and she was crying because of the accident,” she said.

“Her father and aunt took her in their car and took her to the hospital.

Her head was crushed under the car seat and the child died.

She was in a critical condition.

We are devastated.”

The baby was being treated at Bellevue Hospital in New Orleans, where the child’s mother and her aunt were also being treated.

“I am devastated.

It is my responsibility to care for my baby.

It has been a horrible tragedy for us and my family,” Saunee said.

Her aunt, who is also named Sauneeta, also shared her grief on Facebook, saying she and her husband were “shocked and saddened” by the incident and called it “a horrible accident.”

Saunee Bhati, who said she and Bhatiaman had been at the residence for the past three weeks, added that she would be donating all of her money to the family.

Police officers in the area have been investigating the incident since Saturday, and have charged two officers with reckless homicide.

In a statement on Monday, New York police said they have opened a homicide investigation.

In response to the death of Sangees, Bhatiya told CNN he was “shocking” to learn of the death.

“It is sad that she had been put in the car for no reason,” Bhatiat said.

The baby died Saturday night, after being found in the rear seat of a police car in the parking lot of the home where Bhatias parents live.

The car had been used as a home for the Bhatis for two years.