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How a new kind of car seat could help keep you safe from car crashes

Posted September 06, 2018 11:05:08A new type of car safety seat could reduce injuries in crashes, while also helping save lives, according to a study by researchers at MIT and the University of California, Berkeley.

Researchers at MIT, the University the University College London and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) conducted the study with the goal of determining the effectiveness of the new seat for crash victims.

They say that while crash victims often have the same injuries as other passengers, their injuries are often less severe.

The new seat is called the Doona, and it is a “small, flexible, soft, and flexible-to-seat (SES) design that minimizes injuries by reducing the head movement associated with impact,” the researchers wrote in the study, titled “How to Get Better Safety in Your Cars.”

“The Doona seat can reduce injury risk in car crashes by reducing head movement and preventing the head from hitting the ground or other objects,” the authors write.

“The Doontas are made of lightweight and flexible material and can be used in most vehicles in the world.”

The Doonsas design has been developed by the University at Buffalo, and the researchers say it is “designed to prevent the head striking the ground as opposed to striking a surface,” and “to reduce the risk of injury to the head when impact occurs in an unexpected direction.”

“These new safety measures are designed to address a serious public health problem that has plagued this country for decades,” the study’s authors write, adding that the Doontons are now being used in more than 120 countries.

“In addition to reducing the risk for injury, the Doons can also reduce the chance that other vehicles will collide with people in the crash, as well as reduce the potential for accidents and deaths.”

“It is not only the Doones that reduce the chances of injury, but also other vehicles,” the paper says.

The researchers say that in addition to saving lives, the new design could also save money, since it reduces the cost of insurance premiums.

“By reducing the amount of time it takes for a collision to occur, a Doona reduces the probability of injury in a crash by roughly half,” the team writes.

“A car that has a Doonton seat in its front seat can save an average of $300 in insurance premiums over the life of the vehicle.”

According to the study: “A Doonta seat has been shown to reduce the head acceleration time of a crash, while increasing the acceleration time to prevent an accident.”

The study’s lead author, Michael Schreiber, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, told the MIT News website that the new safety technology could be useful in crash prevention, including helping to prevent crashes in which occupants fail to properly buckle their seats.

“When a car crashes, you can always do better by wearing a seatbelt, and when a crash occurs, the impact of the crash on the occupants is minimized,” Schreib said.

“But when a car breaks down, or an accident occurs, we have a problem, and we need a way to get people out of the car.”

Schreib added that a Doon seat could be used to prevent accidents in a variety of ways, including to help prevent car crashes in the first place.

“I think we can design a seat that’s more resilient to impacts, so that we can prevent crashes that are less likely to occur in the future,” he said.

“The car can be repaired and repaired in the same way as a regular seat, and you can be wearing the same seat for years.

You can do maintenance in the car as well.”