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When to call your local emergency number, and what to expect on the phone

Posted March 03, 2019 04:15:59 When you call your insurance company for the first time, it’s not going to feel like you’re in control of the situation.

But you’re going to be given the option of taking your time and asking the right questions.

Here are some of the most common questions you should be asking on the call:What’s my car insurance policy?

Do I need to get a copy of my policy?

Are there any deductible amounts?

Will I need a mechanic?

How much will my policy cover?

If I’m in a remote location, will there be a car service nearby?

How long will it take for me to receive my policy from my insurance company?

Will my car cover my expenses while I’m out and about?

How does my insurance policy work for me?

Are they on the up and up?

How do I get a quote?

If you’re not getting a lot of answers, or you’re confused, you’re probably going to get frustrated.

That’s why we made our emergency phone call app to make your life easier when calling your insurance companies.

Just tap and hold the button to start answering any questions you have, and we’ll call you back with the best answer.

How does it work?

We’ve taken the frustration out of the call, so now you can concentrate on your questions and get answers faster.

We’ve also made the app even more useful by allowing you to add your own personal settings to get the answers you need, whether you’re an experienced customer or just someone who just wants a quick answer.

If you need to call multiple times, you can now do so in the app too.

If it’s your first time calling your insurer, you’ll have to choose a different time slot, which is great for those of you who have other obligations that might interrupt your call.